Don’t fix your relationship with a baby!

A baby is not a plaster, if you have one the little one won’t be magic and he or she won’t heal a broken relationship.

I’ve heard it a few times recently, the most recent one being a friend of mine;

“He said if we have a baby we will be okay, it will bring us closer”

No. No no no no no!

A baby is hard work – sleepless nights, the crying, the feeding, the nappy changes. They are so worth it but they test even the strongest relationships.

My husband and I have been together 10years, we wanted nothing more than to have a baby, but if you were to say that being a parent wasn’t stressful, you would be lying. There are times when the baby just won’t stop crying, it becomes frustrating and you end up bickering (normally when you have finally got the baby off to sleep!)

If you have a broken relationship, bringing a baby into the equation is not fair on the baby or yourselves! A baby should be brought into a loving relationship and deserves to have happy parents in her/his life, if you have a broken relationship the energy around the baby will be toxic.

I love my baby girl and gosh, I wouldn’t change her for the world! I just wish people without children knew just how hard it can be.

It is the hardest job I have ever had, but it is the most rewarding.

K xxx


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